Pinselstifte Brush Pen Neon Brush Pens Neon Brush Pen Set of 6

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Six washable tiny artist paintbrush pens (18 ml x 6) – Krafty Children
Primary colours (purple, yellow, orange, green, blue, and orange): These washable paintbrush pens may help your youngster explore their creative side.
• It is ready for use with just a squeeze of the tube. Because the paint is held within the pen, there’s no need to rinse the brush in between hues for continuous usage. • The brushes are easy to remove and clean—just twist off the cap and rinse under warm water—making them perfect for limitless creative fun at home, at school, or at camp!


The Neon Brush Pen Set of 6 is now available, ideal for all your creative needs! Any fan of art should own these Pinselstifte Brush Pens. Your artwork stands out because of the vivid and striking neon colours. The brush has premium bristles, which guarantee clean, accurate strokes. This collection is ideal for producing elegant artwork, calligraphy, and lettering. These brush pens can help you unleash your creativity whether you’re an experienced artist or just getting started. Take your artwork to the next level by obtaining this set today!

Superior calibre:

Sturdy nylon brush tip that does not spread, spray, or smear when in use.

Simple to use:

To effortlessly regulate the barrel, just squeeze it.